Dearest Sue,

We are back from the holidays and by now we are settled back in our school routine. i think its now time to introduce our classes to each other. As you know we have grade 8 here and their ages are around from 13 to 14 years. we have a mixed lot of girls and boys of about 16 students. Their names are:

1. Alina Wajahat
2. Anam Sajid
3. Anns Tahir
4. Atiya Aamir Sheikh.
5. Izhan Malik
6. Jehan Ara Faheem
7. Maleeha Arham.
8. Azeem Tiwana
9. Mohalil Ghufran
10. Mohammad Hamza
11. Mustafa Riaz
12. Sara Mahmood
13. Shanze Sheriar
14. Shayan Khan
15. Mujtaba Ali
16. Zara Abbas

Most of them have written a few lines introducing themselves to your students, which i have attached it along. When i first told them about being partnered with your school they all got excited but we realised that all we know is that taiwan exists on the map. but we don't know anything more then that. so hopefully it will be nice oppertunity to know more about each other countires.

looking forward to hear from you....
Naila Khan

PS. 1. I will try to send their class picture in my next mail
2. i am copying this email to 4 of my students as well who are responisble for posting reports on the net.

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