Hi, teachers,

We enjoyed ourselves so much at 新竹南園, right?

1. For the wonderful two-day memory, I posted your photos here. Enjoy it!

    網路相簿非常容易下載, 只要把照片放到最大(對著所選圖片點二下), 另存圖片即可, 也可以連續播放(在相片左上角的圖示上)

2. You are also welcomed to visit our class online photo album and see students’ writings posted below some of the photos.此網路相簿可至最新留言查看學生最新留言

3. Please leave some messages below the photo you choose or on 留言板. My students and many foreign kids would love to read them.

4. Any questions? My email: dearsu1218@yahoo.com.tw

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