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Dearest Sue,

We are back from the holidays and by now we are settled back in our school routine. i think its now time to introduce our classes to each other. As you know we have grade 8 here and their ages are around from 13 to 14 years. we have a mixed lot of girls and boys of about 16 students. Their names are:

1. Alina Wajahat
2. Anam Sajid
3. Anns Tahir
4. Atiya Aamir Sheikh.
5. Izhan Malik
6. Jehan Ara Faheem
7. Maleeha Arham.
8. Azeem Tiwana
9. Mohalil Ghufran
10. Mohammad Hamza
11. Mustafa Riaz
12. Sara Mahmood
13. Shanze Sheriar
14. Shayan Khan
15. Mujtaba Ali
16. Zara Abbas

Most of them have written a few lines introducing themselves to your students, which i have attached it along. When i first told them about being partnered with your school they all got excited but we realised that all we know is that taiwan exists on the map. but we don't know anything more then that. so hopefully it will be nice oppertunity to know more about each other countires.

looking forward to hear from you....
Naila Khan

PS. 1. I will try to send their class picture in my next mail
2. i am copying this email to 4 of my students as well who are responisble for posting reports on the net.

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1. NDYS2008專案介紹與實作
Your name:_________ Your parent:__________ (Sign here, please)
1. 申請加入NDYS __________________________________________________
2. NDYS2008's topic is:'Global Warming and Disaster Reduction'
What we can do to stop Global Warming to reduce the impact of Natural Disasters?
3. Main program主要活動-1: Global Disaster Safety Map (GDSM) 製作防治災害安全地圖
4. 主要活動-2 :NDYS Teddy Bears with Kid’s Safety Bag 為來訪小熊寫日記、照相。
961009 NDYS日本總負責人Yoshie老師來信通知和巴基斯坦學校配對成功。 巴基斯坦交換Teddy Bear學校:Learning Alliance , Naila老師
http://learningalliance.net/site/junior/index.html http://www.lahorepreschool.net/junior.htm
5. 寫介紹信函、與巴基斯坦同學互通email。閱讀對方來函、回信。
6. 上台報告Presentation、視訊Video-conferencing。如果時間許可。 Students made presentations and had discussions
相關網址: I*earn ____________________________________________________________
A. Japanese homepage: http://ndys.jearn.jp/eng.html
B. Taiwan AJET school: http://ajds.nsysu.edu.tw/
C. Taiwan iearn: http://taiwaniearn.org/
D. (1) 702 class: http://blog.pixnet.net/dearsu1218 老師公告用及班級相簿
(2) 702 blogger:http://dearsu1218.blogspot.com/ 學生為小熊寫遊記張貼處
(3) 我們將建的網頁:* http://dearsu1218.wetpaint.com/ class 701 及
三民校網上 http://www.smsh.tpc.edu.tw/newweb/2006bear.htm

2. 網路安全與使用規則 Internet Safety & Rules
You need to do:
1. 要聽從老師指導,不清楚的時候一定要先和老師或家長討論。
2. 要有禮貌:在網路上與朋友交談、留言、討論或寫電子郵件的時候,要有禮貌。
3. 要安裝防毒軟體:在瀏覽網路中,安裝防毒軟體與是基本的安全防護裝置。免費、功能強的美國線上(AOL)防毒軟體 Free antivirus: http://safety.aol.com/isc/MaximumSecurity/ 需鍵入email address.
4. 準備一本小筆記本,供「心情寫作」用—My English Diary. 每週2次—週三、週一交。內容為一天當中最有趣的事或你最想告訴老師、同學的事。歡迎加入插圖或勞作剪貼。
You CAN’T do:
1. 不要把自己與家人的照片、地址、電話、學校班級等個人資訊告訴他人。
2. 千萬不能與網友見面。
3. 不進入色情或惡意網站。
4. 在任何地方都不要把自己在網路上使用的名稱、密碼告訴他人。
5. 在公共區域上網,如:學校、電腦賣場,離開前一定要記得清除帳號、密碼並關閉瀏覽器。
6. 不應該隨便下載來路不明的程式(.exe檔)在你的電腦上執行。
7. 不可隨意使用網路上的圖片或文字,也不可以隨意張貼別人的文章、音樂、圖片到網站上,以免觸犯著作權。更不可以張貼不雅文字或罵人字句。
8. 不明附加檔案的電子郵件,不要回信,不要開啟附加檔案,立即刪除。開啟或拷貝一個有中毒的檔案都可能讓你的電腦中毒。
9. 不可隨意換座位,需按照座位坐。
You have to do these:
1. Be polite(有教養的).
2. Study hard & help others.
3. Listen to teachers & keep quite(輕聲的).
1. Don’t play in class.
2. Don’t go to bad website(網站).
3. Don’t leave(留下) names & email.

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看看應用科技網路學英文已經發展到此地步 http://voicethread.com/#q.b11608.i77330

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NDYS Yoshie老師來函, 請發表對溫室效應發表感想

Hi, Students of NDYS :
Do you thind Global Warming effect 全球溫室效應 on natural disasters? If you studied or find any effects of Global Warming on natural disasters, Please reply this mail.
** Yoshie Naya Coordinator of NDYS ****

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巴基斯坦交換Teddy Bear學校:Learning Alliance

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Dear Naila,
So happy to read your email and to have you as our partner school.
I'll try to ask my students to write a hello letter to yours around Oct. 25th.
Meanwhile, we would like to welcome you to take a look at:
(1.)our class photos: class702--- (http://www.pixnet.net/dearsu1218)
(2.) NDYS2006 blogger---(http://dearsu1218.blogspot.com/): writing for the visiting bear, our previous experience with Okinawa school, Japan, and their writing.---(http://okisho-taiwan.blogspot.com/) This group of students have graduated from school already.)
warmly, Sue

2.961009 巴基斯坦Naila老師來信:
Dear Sue,
We would love to exchange NDYS teddy bears. And i agree early november will also suit us just fine to exchange the teddy bears, as we are starting our EID holidays from this friday. our school will be closed for a week and we will come back on 19th of October. In the mean time i would love to know more about you, your students and Taiwan :). i am really looking forward to our partnership.
regards Naila

3.961009 NDYS日本總負責人老師來信通知和巴基斯坦學校配對成功:
Dear Sue,
Thank you so much for your mail.
It is a wonderful news that mothers of students join the project.Right now, teacher from Pakistan is waiting for the partner for NDYS teddy bear exchange.
They will send you the teddy bear with a safety bag.Can your school exchange teddy bear with Pakistan school? Your students have to prepare the Teddy bear with safety goods, too.
Mothers may prepare the cloth for teddy bear. If the teddy bear wore the folk cloth, the exchange will be more fruitful for both side.
After the bear from Pakistan visit your school, this bear visit each students home. Your students take photo of bear and share how the bear spend the life in Taiwan.
Hope to hear from you.
Warmly, Yoshie

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702 儀態比賽第二名影片檔尚無法上傳 敬請期待 如有上傳成功 請鍵入關鍵字搜尋即可
www.youtube.com -->鍵入關鍵字(702 san-min 三民 儀態比賽)搜尋

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