A Declaration on Natural Disaster Reduction
Nature can be less cruel and we can be winners!!!
By Taiwan SMSH 台北縣立三民高中國中部317班 蘇信滿老師 指導
For NDYS 2006, Dec. 2005

Earthquakes, typhoons, tsunami, hurricanes, and many other natural disasters have terrified us because they caused so many deaths and so much damage.

Mother Nature is cruel. It is not that we don’t enjoy or respect nature. In fact, we do enjoy birds singing, plants blooming, sun shining and other beautiful and delightful parts of nature. But, when the dark side of nature shows up, everything might be totally changed and all of a sudden, houses are ruined, roads flooded, trees eradicated and people killed.

However, nature can be less cruel and damage can be mitigated only if we are well-prepared. Prevention is the first step while we face any disaster. We can build stronger houses, store up necessary food and equipments, organize community rescue teams, and rehearse the procedures of relieving victims. Natural disasters are terrible, but we can be more secured when we prepare ourselves for their coming.

We all know that natural disasters are not only more frequent these days, but they also impact more lives than ever. A family, a city, or even a nation alone sometimes cannot provide immediate responses to victims. We all need a helping hand. Only when we are fully aware of the importance of mutual cooperation, can we stand up and fight against natural disasters.

Let’s declare war with disasters now. Examine nearby environments. Spot the dangerous places and rehearse escape routes. Let’s roll up our sleeves to help relieve the suffering. Damage can be reduced only if we work together. Nature can be less cruel and we all can be winners.

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